Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Blood Bowl Season Opener!

Played my first ever game of Blood Bowl tonight with my wife. As usual with a new game, it took a while to get things rolling, but about half way through the first half things were going pretty smoothly. The above pic is the opening kickoff!

The first pass of my Blood Bowl Career ended up in a horrible miss as the attempted pass was about 4 squares too long...needless to say it took quite a bounce in the wrong direction.

Even though I missed my first pass attempt a lucky dodge roll and a quick scoop by my second catcher landed me in the end zone for the first and only score of the match. Even though my wife didnt score at all, her Orcs proceeded to beat my Humans into the ground in a particularly brutal fashion. At the end of the first half, which is all we played, I had 2 blitzers and a lineman in the dead box in the dug out. All in all, it was a fun time. Can't wait to play again!

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