Friday, July 30, 2010

We now return to you regularly scheduled broadcast

Well folks its been a long crazy haul moving to Hawaii all the way from North Carolina, but im finally here and set up. Not that I havent been doing anything hobbywise, ive actually put together the beginnings of a Command Squad for my Dark Angels and a 5 man Assault Squad. Tonight after work I will take some pics and put them up for you perusale.

I also wanted to share these babies with you.

New MK3 "iron armor" marines from forgeworld. I will definatly be picking up some of these guys to spread around the army, most likely as Veteran Sergeants.

I've also recently completed my gameing table, kinda, still making and completeing terrain, but the actual table is complete. Pics to follow this weekend. Thats all for now though, I need to get dressed and go to work. Hooray for Friday!

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