Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The First Wave Has Landed

Just yesterday I was playing Star Craft 2. In particular, it was the level that the Terran Dominion decided it was a good idea to invade the planet Char, which is the home world of the Zerg. After looking at this picture, I think I know what the Terran's felt like when they looked out the window of their drop pods.

In a slightly less dorky vain, I got some of my collection back today. On the table you see all manner of Games Workshop shwag. 40K, Fantasy, LoTR, Space Hulk......too much stuff. Its almost like a time machine in a way, with miniatures starting out at RTB01 and going all the up to Space Hulk 3rd Edition.

With the return of some of my minis, and just importantly these bad boys, "The Almighty Bitz Boxes", you the reader will begin to enjoy regular updates here on The Unforgiven.

Also, stay tuned for this weekends Apocalypse battle report! Its my first ever Apocalypse game and I couldn't be more excited! Wish me luck!

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