Monday, August 16, 2010

Going on Campaign

Well, the gaming group and I have decided to put some story behind our games for the next couple weeks. This coming Sunday officially kicks off the Battle for Coriallis 4. We don't have all the fluff worked out, but basically the Black Legion has invaded and my Dark Angels are the closest ones able to respond. With all the fighting on the planet, of course Orks are attracted and rumors of the Tyranid menace have began floating around.

The plan we have is a campaign map with a random Risk style deployment. Each player will make a 10000 point "master roster" and then divide up that master roster into as many Army Groups as they want, each no bigger that 2,999 points. 2 Army Groups are allowed to ignore the FOC, as one is dedicated attackers and one dedicated defenders. The defense force is allowed one Super Heavy or Apocalypse formation in it as well, however, they cannot move from your capital.

We will also be incorporating Kill Team. Each player is assigned 200 points to make a Kill Team. They will be able to assist an Army Group in an attack, or they themselves can go attack an undefended territory and take it from the owner, but they can't capture it.

There are also rules in place for experience points, so units can advance and gain USR's based on how much experience they have gained. Kill Team members and Independent and Special Characters will also have a separate attribute table to roll on, both for advancement from experience and dying in a game.

All in all, its shaping up to be a fun couple weeks. I'm pretty excited for it to begin. Saturday is Games Day here in Honolulu, so we get to do that and begin our campaign in one weekend. I'm looking forward to it.

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