Saturday, December 4, 2010

On the Work Bench 2

In the continuing effort to complete my Tyranid force, here is a little snap shot of the work I've completed over the past two nights.

My Tryanid force continues to grow closer to completion. I'm quite happy with the painting of this army so far as the scheme my wife and I came up with is so easy. More on that next post though, as I will be posting a How-To on that topic!

They Trygon has gotten the Asurmen Blue wash over the grey gesso I laid down a few nights ago, and the Genestealers got their second coat of Gyphonne Sepia. I also hit the Trygon's talons and spikes with a coat of Chardon Granite. I plan on picking up a pot of Ice Blue next time I'm at the LGS so I can start to highlight the edges of the carpace on all my mini's.

I also can't think of a way to base this army. Any suggestions?

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  1. Love the colours! Dare I say Red Planet, Red Planet, Red Planet! Makes a lovely contrast.