Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Wednesday Update

Having been inspired by All Things Fett I have decided to start my own version of the Weekly Update. If you read over his post it pretty much outlines a list of great reasons to do a post like this once per week. I agreed with him so much, I borrowed (stole?) the idea from him. Hope you don't mind!

So off we go!

First off, Tyranids are my main focus right now. I've got a escalation league starting up toward the end of December,and I'm slowly growing my force to make the initial 750 point list. I've got some more WIP photos to post up and also a quick tutorial on how to paint 'nids, the lazy way like I do.

Second, I've always got my Dark Angels to work on. I recently tried out a test mini focusing on line highlighting, and it was terrible. There will be a post coming up soon on my thoughts about line highlighting and pics of my attempts. It won't be pretty...

Third, My wife and I have began to play Blood Bowl again. Life has settled down to the point where we both have some free time at night to get a game in every once in a while. Perhaps later tonight even, who knows? Expect some game reports for that soon and maybe, a big maybe I might add, maybe some WIP shots of some team members finally getting painted!

That's all for now! Lets see how much of this I actually get done before next Wednesday!

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