Friday, May 6, 2011

Deathwing Command Squad, Finished

Finished up the Deathwing Command Squad tonight. This is the first of 3 squads planned for the army, along with another Land Raider and a terminator Chaplain. I'm still waiting for the apothecary bits to arrive, so thats why the squad is missing its 5th member. His body has been built, and is ready for the arms and head though, so it won't take long to get him finished and on the table.

I'm not terribly happy with the way the banner turned out. All I did was the broken sword over a bone background. While that is the symbol of the Deathwing, I will probably end up stripping the banner and starting over once the army is complete and I have more time to spend on a single model.

These guys will be rolling around with Belial and the Chaplain, once I get him painted that is. The next squad of Deathwing is already in the works. Tomorrow they should be done with their simple green bath, and after that, ready to be repainted in the current Deathwing scheme. 

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