Thursday, May 19, 2011

Deathwing Progress

I just realized, I still haven't posted up pics of the 2nd Deathwing Squad that I finished last week. My bad on that one. That post will come soon. Anyways, onto the meat and potatoes of this particular post. I received in the apothecary parts from the Grey Knights sprue that I ordered from The Warstore, and so work has begun earnestly on the last terminator from the Command Squad.

I've also began working on the 2nd HQ choice for the army, an Interrogator Chaplain. The Terminator Chaplain model has to be one of my all time favorite sculpts from Games Workshop, and I'm really excited to finally get around to painting him up.

I still need to do another layer of Badab Black over the current layer, to darken it up a bit, then I'm planning a Devlan Mud wash over the entire model, hoping that will bring the color of the model in line with the rest of the Deathwing force.

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