Sunday, May 8, 2011

Warriors of Chaos Test Model

With my recent acquisition of a Khorne themed Daemons army, I think my thought process's have been tainted by the warp a bit. I was sitting at my desk working on the Deathwing last night, and I felt the call of the Chaos Gods. I've had some chaos warriors kicking around my house for a long time, as I use some of the parts to spruce up the Deathwing, but I've never taken the time to put one together, much less felt motivated to paint one. That all changed last night.

So far all I've done is clean him up and prime him, but that's a start. I think I'm just going to go with the classic look, black armor, red cloak and light brown fur. Either that, or red armor, since my Daemons are servants of Khorne.

Anyway, I'm excited to paint him either way. I'll just poke around for a bit and see if I can find some inspiration somewhere.

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