Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Deathwing Command Squad, Part 2

Got some work done on the Command Squad. The Devlan Mud wash has been laid down on all the mini's and now they eagerly await the Bleached Bone highlights. After that, I'll highlight all the darker gray areas, fill in some Mechrite Red on the lenses, and that should about do it for these guys. 

The banner bearer will take the longest however. First off, I'm not sure what symbol or design I even want to put on it. Second, I'm using mostly washes to paint just about everything in this army, so it takes a long time inbetween coats. Still, I've got high hopes for the model and I am pretty excited about how it will all turn out.

As a side note, the Sergeant (far left) will be entered in a local painting competion! My first ever, so we will see how it all works out.

As a second side note, this is The Unforgiven's 50th post! All of you who follow my random ramblings, I appreciate it. Its nice to know somebody is listening.

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  1. We are listening, and watching :)

    Nice Deathwing- still looking forward to seeing that squad finished