Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Resin, A journey into

I have officially decided to foray into the world of casting my own pieces. More specifically, my own bases. The recently acquired Daemons army, along with maybe the Tyranids, I would like to mount on lava bases. Problem is, I'm getting to the point where I'm too lazy to model an individual base for each Bloodletter a 100 times over again. Enter the casting kits.

I asked the question on my local gaming forum a few months back, in preparation for when today came. I received an excellent response from one of the members that pointed me in the direction of Senji Studios. In that post, the author of the blog reviewed several (a lot) of different kits available to the budding resin caster.

I'm still shopping around though. I still want to go look and see what Micro-Mark has to offer, along with the FLGS, The Armchair Adventurer, has to offer. If any of you have been to Honolulu, and been in that store, you know how much stuff is hidden in there.

If anybody out there knows of a good kit, that they might have some experience with, I'm willing to listen to any and all suggestions.

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