Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Warriors of Chaos, Test model 2

I've been busy beavering away at this guy alongside the 2nd Deathwing squad. So far I'm really happy with the way he is turning out. I might want to take the edge highlights up to a Mithril Silver, instead of Boltgun Metal. I really like highlights that you can see on the table when the mini's are actually being used, as compared to only when the mini is on the shelf and somebody picks it up and looks at it then.

So far I've gotten just the armor highlighted, and the fur has been dry brushed with Bleached Bone over a Devlan Mud wash, which in turn was just over the gray primer. The model is no where near complete, but so far I'm digging the way the model is shaping up.

One thing I really can't make up my mind on, and one I would like some second opinions on, is which shade of red should I go with? In the top picture, on the inside of the cloak, is a deep red, on the outside, a lighter red. I lean more towards the darker red, but I'm not entirely sure.

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