Friday, May 20, 2011

Tyranid Update

Decided to take a minor break from the Deathwing extravaganza I've been having for the past month, and continued working on some gribbly little monsters that have been lurking around my desk for a while (since Christmas).  First up, we have a Zoanthrope, the first one I've added to my Hive Fleet. I'm excited to try him out on the tabletop, Strength 10 AP 1 Lance is quite nasty!

Next to the Zoanthrope, laying in pieces, is a Hive Guard. I already have 1 in the Hive Fleet, and adding a second one will be absolutely lethal to Rhinos, Chimera's, Dreads, and anything of that nature. Especially since Line Of Sight is not needed!

And last but not least, a lone Hormaguant that somehow slipped through the cracks when I did a mass painting of them a few months back.

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